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Star Wars Breaking Bad

Star Wars: Breaking Bad (SWBB) is a story/fan fiction/series created by me: ExtremeSSJ4.This fan fiction has episodes which most of the time are from different timelines, this story is a collection of stories about several characters in the Star Wars Universe (Including Jedis, Siths, Clone Troopers, Droids, etc). This story may have chapter that include sexual content and bloody fights.

Author NotesEdit

  1. 11/16/2011- This story will begin soon but before I start I want to say that it may break canon since I am not very familiar with the Star Wars universe. I am trying my best to fit my story into canon and not break it but there may be a high probability that I will, thanks for the attention! -I Hate You, For Stealing My Heart! 03:48, November 17, 2011 (UTC)
  2. 11/23/2011- A short story (one-shot) of Star Wars: Breaking Bad has been announced and the story will be posted soon! -Always in motion is the future 00:07, November 24, 2011 (UTC)

Main CharactersEdit

  1. Vadge (Clone trooper; also known as CC-0415)
  2. Lex Forlan (Jedi)
  3. Selene Sisten (Jedi)
  4. Matt Sisten (Jedi)
  5. Moll Saphire (Bounty Hunter)

Chapter ListEdit

  1. One of a Kind (Vadge)
  2. The Apprentice (Lex Forlan)
  3. Escaping Order 66 (Selene and Matt Sisten)


  • This story is written by ExtremeSSJ4