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Currently, there are 5 articles since the opening of this wiki on November, 2011. Remember, this is for fanon Star Wars information from documented fan creative efforts such as fan fiction, fan films, fan websites and much more. Feel free to create articles to document and attribute to these efforts, but if you did not create it ensure that you give credit to whoever did. If you want to make tests use the Sandbox.

In the Ultimate Star Wars Fanon Wiki (USWF) you can create any type of fan fiction article as long as its related to Star Wars. You can create your own characters, stories, even planets! Be sure to read our Rules and follow them, Have fun!

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Star Wars Breaking Bad
Star Wars: Breaking Bad (SWBB) is a story/fan fiction/series created by me: ExtremeSSJ4. This fan fic is occurs in the Clone Wars, this story is a collection of stories about several characters in the Star Wars Universe (Including Jedis, Siths, Clone Troopers, Droids, etc). This story may have chapter that include sexual content and bloody fights, you have been warned. Read more...

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  • … that the Ultimate Star Wars Fanon Wiki was created on November 17, 2011?
  • … that the creator of the Ultimate Star Wars Fanon Wiki was ExtremeSSJ4?

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